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“I came to Dr. Barnes on the recommendation of my regular doctor. I had sharp pain in my left foot and, over time, the problem had affected my gait. I had gotten to the point where I didn’t want to walk anywhere unless it was necessary. Dr. Barnes determined the problem in no time and gave me immediate treatment. It hardly even hurt. He is pleasant and approachable and I found it very easy to communicate with him. Hands down … if you have foot pain don’t wait any longer to make an appointment. Now I’m back to walking all over and never even think about foot pain. He has a gift and I’m sure glad he shared it with me.” 

Tim K.

“Dr. Barnes is great! Friendly, knowledgeable, funny, and good with my daughter. It was a pleasure meeting him, and not having to worry about a toddler messing with all the medical tools because he encouraged her to play with them.” 

Dennis V.

“Dr. Barnes is an amazing person — he is kind, caring, knowledgeable–all with a great sense of humor. I have had two surgeries with Dr. Barnes and each time I was comfortable knowing we had tried everything we could to avoid surgery. My family and I highly recommend Dr. Barnes and his wonderful staff!!!!!” 

Ginny S.

“Dr. Barnes is amazing. He helped identify my chronic issues with my foot and offered me multiple options BEFORE surgery. Though I did end up having plantar fasciitis surgery, he helped me through the process and set up the timeline of what to expect from start to finish during therapy, injection appointments and more, all through to the end of my surgery and the follow up therapy. His mixture of professionalism and humor kept me as comfortable as possible considering why I had to see him in the first place. I had surgery back in about 2007 and I still remember and speak highly of my experience with him. Thank you!!! PS-having new issues with my foot now, so I may see you again sooner than later!” 

Spring D.

“Dr. Barnes is by far the best podiatrist I have ever met. I have several foot issues, and Dr. Barnes is kind, compassionate, and always takes the time to explain my conditions and the best treatment options for them. When he performed surgery on both my feet in 2012, I knew exactly what to expect and how long the recovery process was going to take. He has an amazing sense of humor and it’s really no surprise that he’s earned Portland Monthly magazine’s “Top Podiatrist”. The staff at his new clinic are great, and its location right by Providence is very convenient. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dr. Barnes and his staff. I would and do recommend him to anyone who needs a fantastic foot doctor.” 

Jennifer J.

“Dr Barnes is the best!! I’ve seen him for multiple things (plantar fasciitis, ingrown toenails) over the last several years at the Portland Clinic and he’s not only a superb doctor, he’s a superb guy! First and foremost, he examines and diagnoses the problem/s, explains cause and effect and applies or directs treatment. During treatment he cheerfully chats the whole time so that I’m pleasantly distracted from the discomfort and I’m totally satisfied when I leave his office. He’s either fixed the offending problem or provided me with whatever is needed to pursue resolution (physical therapy). When I found out he was leaving Portland Clinic I was VERY disappointed and I’m ECSTATIC to find he’s practicing elsewhere in Portland. I’d recommend him first to my family and friends and anyone else needing a podiatrist.” 

Sandy K.

“Dr. Barnes is the best not only in the Portland area but all throughout Oregon! I had a really bad hammertoe that was affecting the way I walk. I could hardly wear shoes anymore. I scheduled a consultation and was seen instantly. My treatments have alleviated the pain, and Dr. Barnes made me feel so comfortable.” 

Maria A.

“I saw that Dr. Barnes had won Portland’s Top Doc in ‘Portland Monthly’, so I had to check it out for myself. Needless to say, he has well-earned that spot for the past 3 years and counting! Definitely recommend.”

George S.

“Dr. Barnes made me feel comfortable and assured that he would be able to help my ongoing foot arthritis. I’ve been a very active person my whole life and his treatments have allowed me to stay active without being in pain. Thank you Dr. Barnes!”

Rod L.

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